Bungee Jumping in Nepal

The Ultimate thrill of a bungee jump can now be experienced in Nepal at one of the best sites that this sport can boast of anywhere in the world. Nepal’s first bungee jumping site is situated 160 m. over the Bhote Koshi River, inviting you to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in the surroundings of this amazing place. The valley is narrow with steep hillsides towering over 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) from the river. Nepal’s first bungee jumping site is situated there. The jump is staffed and operated by some of the most experienced jump masters. If you are adventurous, then Bungee Jumping in Nepal is a must.





After breakfast at hotel drive to Bhote Koshi Bunge Jumping location which is around 3 hours outside from Kathmandu . The Last Resort is located on top of a gorge close to the Tibetan border. The Bungy bridge happens to be the only privately owned bridge in Nepal. The Swiss designed bungy jump is the ultimate experience for adrenaline seekers.

1. Early morning ride to Bungy jumping site.
2. Time to Bungy Jump
3. Lunch time
4. Return back to Kathmandu

Cost, Includes and Excludes

Cost Includes

  • Bungee Jumping Ticket
  • Shared Transportation
  • Lunch

Cost Excludes

  • Photo and Video (US$ 25)

Personal Information

Trip Information

USD 115.00 Per Person
  • Duration

    1 Day
  • Destination

    Bhote Koshi, Nepal